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MUST READ: An Activist Makes A Petition Asking Duterte To Resign As The President Of The Philippines!

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Remember the guy who got the attention of the public in 2010? 

Carlos Celdran entered the Manila Cathedral during a mass, dressed as the national hero, Jose Rizal while scandalously shouting "Stop getting involved in politics". He was taken away by the policemen. He was advocating RH (Reproductive Health Bill.) The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines filed a case against him of "offending religious feelings."

This activist, once again caught the attention of the public as he was asking the presumptive president to resign. "I just signed this. Are you interested in signing this @change petition as well?" he posted it on his twitter account.

He was asking the million of Filipinos to sign on his petition.

He also stated that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not capable of becoming the highest leader of the Philippines.
Read his statement below.

Are you going to sign in the petition? Or just pissed off of what this activist is doing around? 

Let me hear from you. Write your comments below.

Source: TNP


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  1. Yes i will sign the petition.why not if possible.




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