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MUST READ: 24 Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger And Healthier!

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A good relationship is not by destiny, it is being worked on. You two must both exert effort and make some ways, so that the love and sweetness in your relationship will not vanish. We all know that work is very important, but do not use it as an excuse that sometimes you cannot spend time with your loved one.

Here are some tips that can boost the love and affection in your relationship:

1. Steal her towel while she is in the shower

Get her towel and let yourself be the one who wraps the towel around her. Give her hugs and kisses. This is one way of showing love and sweetness to your partner.

2. Stop saying "Sorry" and say "Thank You" instead

It is better to hear the word "Thank You" that means, you understand what you did was wrong, then saying "Sorry" without any understanding and sincerity.

3. Spend more time together in the mornings, even if it means less sleep

See to it that you have time for your partner. Even a simple thing, like having coffee together before or after shower before going to work is a big help in order to have a good relationship.

4. Take random pictures of her when she's not looking

Take candid shots and send it to your loved one with a message how much grateful and thankful you are having him or her to be a part of your life.

5. Dance with her

You don't have to be in the party or any elsewhere just to have danced with your partner. Stay beside her back while she is doing the dishes. Wrap your arms around her waist and dance together with your very own humming music.

6. Make lists of the things your partner likes or wants (small or big) and give it more often

It does not have to be very expensive to let your partner happy. Even small things like buying small pieces of chocolates to make her smile has a very good effect on your relationship.

7. Prepare her toothbrush every morning

Putting toothpaste on her toothbrush in the morning means a lot to your partner. It is showing how you care.

8. Give yourselves some "igloo time"

Try to cover yourselves with a blanket while talking to each other before going to sleep. This will make you closer to each other and bring an extra intense feeling.

9. Give each other some sweet, inexpensive presents. It doesn't have to be expensive- it's thought that counts

It is not important how much is the price of a gift. The most important thing is, it is coming from your heart.

10. Make your very own "fight box"

Make a small box where you can put your love letters, simple messages for each other and when you have a fight with your partner, get that box and sit in the corner. Read those sweet notes and the sweet memories will help you to cool down.

11. Plan ahead, keep a duplicate of things your partner really loves. When the time comes it got broken you are already prepared a special surprise gift

For sure that your special someone has something that she cannot live without. Buy spare for that thing so when the time comes that it will ask for a replacement, you can give it right away. You will surely be appreciated.

12. Be a complete jerk (but not really) tease her only

Tell some joke that sometimes can make her a little bit pissed off. But make sure that you know how to tame a growling lion.

13. Leave notes for each other when on opposite schedules

Make some notes and leave on the table that can brighten your partner's day. This will make your partner happy, letting him or her know that you remember him or her before anything else.

14. Randomly take her parents to lunch

It is very important that you love the people around your loved one. Especially, the parents of your partner. See to it that you spend time together with them, with or without your special someone.

15. Make lots of tiny, small sacrifices

As a couple, you have a lot of differences, but you need to know how to sacrifice sometimes in order to give happiness to your loved one.

16. Relax and share some shows

It is not necessary to go out on a movie date, staying at home watching movies on the television would be fine because the most important thing is you are together.

17. Cook together

Cooking together is one of the best things that you can do as partners. It is not always the girls are the ones in charge in the kitchen.

18. Set a "no phone zone" when dinner is ready

Sometimes, technology sets us apart from our loved ones. So, it is better to put your phone away from you and give your attention to her while having your dinner.

19. Let your loved one have that last bite

Having your partner the last bite will make her feel more special. It is one of assurances that she is one of your top priorities.

20. If you can do it, do it. Do some chores you don't care about, just because they mean a lot

Do some house chores, like washing the dishes and sweeping the floor. It is very simple, but it will mean a lot to your special someone.

21. Make room for separateness. Have your own hobbies that you do alone

It is better that you go out with your friends without your special someone sometimes. Give your special someone time to do his hobbies alone. By that way, he also has time for himself.

22. Exercise together and get high on endorphines

Go jogging together. It is good that you both are living healthy. It will make your body strong and can release a lot of stress from your body.

23. Make time for intimacy, lay down together and chat naked

Making love has a big help to make your relationship stronger. See to it that you always have time to have s*x with your partner.

24. Always be there for them. Lend your ears, especially when all they need you to do is to listen

Always listen to them. Even if they are upset or happy, it is your responsibility to listen. It will help you also to know more about your partner.

Hope these simple guidelines will help your relationship stronger and healthier.

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