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Furious Girlfriend Uploads The Flirty Conversation Of Her BF With Another Girl Who Sends Nude Photos To The Guy!

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Cheating stories are becoming quite the trend nowadays. Social media has become a refuge where people who get cheated on air their grievances, last goodbyes or to enact their vengeance. Mostly, it’s vengeance. Back in the day, they said that broken hearts go to Sagada to mend, but it looks like it got replaced… by Facebook.

This particular story might not be your usual cut-and-dry cheating story, or is it?

A netizen by the name of Jhen Delacruz Tolosa posted a series of conversations between her boyfriend and a certain girl who was more than intimate with him. Allegedly, her guy was busy cheating with a chick who was sending him nudes. Incensed, Jhen said that she couldn’t take it anymore and she posted just about every convo between her boyfriend and his alleged mistress that she could get her hands on

Here are just some of their exchanges:

She also shared a photo of a conversation between her boyfriend (now ex) and a friend. She said that in the chat box, the guy was trying to clear his name:

In her caption, she said:
PS: “Hi sa neneng p*rnstar na ‘to. Masyado kang makati.” 
PPS: “Eto ang ebidensyang ayokong ilabas noon pa man. Pero dahil gigil mo si ako, eto na. Upload ko na. Nakakadiri yung kababuyan nila diba!” 
PPPS: “Deserve nyo to. Hehe. Labyu guys. Mwa.”
But that isn’t the only post about it, that’s gone trending!

Enter, Lalaine Babalcon Tinumpit, the sister of the alleged mistress. Lalaine disputed all of the facts about the cheating fiasco her sister was involved in. According to her, it wasn’t her sister in the picture, citing that the nude photo’s background was different from the picture of her sister with clothes on.

She also said that an unidentified someone “hacked” her sister’s Facebook account to fabricate all of this.

As of now, the mistress and the ex-boyfriend have yet to release their statements regarding the issue, but netizens are definitely interested in seeing what happens next! Most netizens have generally sided with Jhen, saying that people should really be careful of cheating liars.

What do you think, dear readers? Was the guy really cheating or was the girl in question hacked? Tell us below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends online!

Sources: LF / Facebook 

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