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Know These 4 Reasons Why A Pregnant Woman Should Make Love Everyday!

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It takes several months from the time a woman got pregnant until she will give birth to her baby. With that quite a long time, it is a challenge for couples to be abstinent in making love especially to those who are active. In connection with this, there has been ongoing discussions until now if it is good or bad for the health for the pregnant woman to make love with her couple.

According to studies and related literature, it is okay to do as long as the pregnancy works normally. However, every couple should consider the woman's feeling or desire to make love as there are changes in mood due to hormonal fluctuations.

If ever a couple wants to do it, there are four reasons to know why pregnant women should consider having sexual interc*urse everyday:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure. It serves as a stress reliever and makes the blood pressure at a normal level.

2. Gives a Good Sleep. After a woman reached the climax, they tend to have a better sleep with no disruptions.

3. Increases Intimacy. This serves as a great bonding between partners, thus resulting to a stronger relationship.

4. Reduces the Pain. Increasing the sensitivity of the private part makes a woman less feel the pain.

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