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Is Christina Grimmie's Death a Premonition to Herself? Sounds Creepy!

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Lots of people, especially the fans, are now extending their condolences and sympathies to the late young singer celebrity Christina Grimmie after being shot many times during her concert in Orlando, Florida.

However, a post from her Twitter account is now circling online which made her followers stunned and surprised which it seems that her death was her premonition.

According to the investigators, the suspect who is not identified by this time, approached the singer and shot her. Grimmie's brother quickly halt the suspect in order not to harm more against Grimmie and the fans. However, during the attempt, the suspect shot himself and declared dead at the crime scene. An actual footage of the shooting was covered by one of her fans. Watch below:

Grimmie was in the sixth season of the voice under team Adam. She got the third place in the competition before winner Josh Kaufman and runner-up Jake Worthington.

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Sources: Facebook / Posade


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  1. Another thing is, a lot of the songs she covered and wrote were talking about guns, death, sadness, etc. Titanium, Hello, I Bet You Don't Curse God, and more. I never tried to find things like this out of her songs, and I was extremely freaked out when I did.. It's almost like she knew, or like it was a sign..

  2. someone can't say;
    shoot me Down, bang, bang
    shoot me Down, bang, bang
    shoot me Down, bang, bang
    Add that up and you get 6 shots

    Christina was shot 3 times.......




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