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Husband Asks For Help To Gain Back His Wife Who Left For Her Other Man! What Happened On The Day Of Their Reconciliation Will Make You Mad!

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Infidelity is one of the leading problems of every relationship and marriage. Most couples who are unhappy with their relationship tend to find another person to replace their current partner. However, these unfaithful people do get caught one way or another and when they do, it almost always leads to separation. On the other hand, there are people who still forgive their partner despite being cheated on by them. Take for example this husband who asked journalist Raffy Tulfo to help him get his wife back from her alleged lover.

Arnel Lagadia, the complaint, told Tulfo that his wife left him for another man after they had a fight. Tulfo immediately contacted the wife of Arnel, Emily Lagadia, to ask her why she suddenly left him.

Emily told Tulfo, “Hindi ko naman po sinasadya dahil nga pinalayas nya po ako.”

The journalist then wondered why she went to another man instead of seeking the help of her relatives or even her own mother.

Emily then said that she wasn’t able to think straight which is why she went to her alleged lover, Jeff. She added that the two of them had met through chat and have just started seeing each other.

Arnel then defended himself by saying that the only reason why he got mad at Emily is that he found out that she was texting another man behind his back. However, Emily denied the allegations that she and Jeff are lovers and instead told him that the two of them are just friends. Obviously, Tulfo did not believe her.

As a solution, Tulfo asked Emily to come back to Arnel as the two of them have five children together. During the confrontation, Jeff apologized to Arnel while Emily told her husband that she won’t leave him again.

However, something happened after the three of them met. 

Watch the video below to find out:

It looks like both Emily and Jeff are not telling the truth, since the camera caught the two sharing a goodbye kiss before Emily heads off to Arnel’s home.

Do you think the husband shouldn’t have gotten his wife back from her lover? Will Emily stick to her promise? Let us know what you think in the comments section! 

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  1. ay naku, eto na lang ang masasabi ko, kung ako sayo arnel tama yan binigyan mo ng chance pero that's first and last, kasi gagawa at gagawa pa din yan ng kalandian dahil nakita mo naman miss na miss nila ang isa't isa. kaya sa susunod na gumawa pa sya ng ganyan, palayain mo na kesa naman iniiputan ka sa ulo. At least mabango ka sa mga anak mo.




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