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Heart Breaking: Watch a Young Girl Who Patiently Guides Her Blind Father in Farming!

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Heart Breaking! Watch a Young Girl Who Patiently Waits to Guide Her Blind Father on Fathers' Day is fast approaching. That is why a lot of videos, pictures and advertisements are now made and published in line with the said celebration for all dads. Like this video, this one is so unique.

Fathers are considered to be the foundations in a family. He is responsible to take care of his children, that is why dads are the prime 'protectors' in a family. However, this footage is very different, as the father is hopeless because he cannot do work alone as he got blind. He is Nelson M. Pepe from Hnigangon from Hindanga,Sogod So, Leyte.Despite of his disability, there was his daughter who used her patience in order to help her father going to their farm. She used to wait her father from 8:00AM up to 4:00PM

Many netizens idolize the child and eventually inspired as she can help her parents at a very young age. Having no choice but to make it for the sake of their survival in everyday living, the young girl showed her compassion to help his father. Watch this video below.

Sources: Facebook / TNP


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