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BEWARE: Having a Period Now? Avoid these Habits That May Harm Your Health!

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In nature, all women experience menstruation. This monthly period is sometimes hard to understand by men. It is because women are getting more sensitive and moody. In order to understand women of that they are feeling having that moment, here are some things that women should not do, which men should know, too.

Unprotected when 'making love'
When a couple wants to make love, having no protection may increase the chance of getting an infection. As much as possible, abstinence is the best way and wait for the right time if the girl is already free from her period.

Do not skip meals
Skipping meals may get women weaker than the usual because having discharges may affect to your body's energy supply. So learn to recharge by having at least a complete meal everyday.

Avoid doing physical works.
Since discharge affects the body's energy supply, women should take a rest from doing work out which may lead to a severe stomach pain or back pain.

Do not consume fast food
Foods available in a fast food chain has a great contribution when it comes to cholesterol content. It is not a good idea to eat, for the meantime, on those stores.

Staying up all night
Sleep deprivation may affect to women's body, especially when having a period. As much as possible, try to sleep at least 8 hours. Make ways for you to get sleep if you feel not sleepy yet.

Lastly, you may also avoid drinking water with ice. It may lead to cysts and cancer as the menstrual blood remains on the walls of the uterus.

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