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#Fanturnedgirlfriend --- Dakilang martir ng taon, Shara NOW SIGNING OFF.

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One of the most famous song that Jovit Baldivino covered as a singer was "Too much love will kill you".

His voice really compliments the song. With his powerful hoarse voice makes the song more memorable and makes him shine on the music industry.

As stardom shines on Jovit, fans have been surrounding him. Wanting to have a picure with him, take his autographs, even invite him to some fiestas and/or parties.

But one time, Jovit's live in partner  Shara Chavez caught him allegedly cheating on her. A live video was aired on social media including Jovit and a girl sitting beside him. Some fans got curious who the girl was and what is Jovit doing.

Jovit's girlfriend exposed everything that we need to know about him and what kind of person he is behind the cameras.

Read the whole story below and see for yourself. (Open Letter Para kay Idol)


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