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WARNING: Is There a Danger in Using The Microwave Oven? Know The Possible Causes and Be Aware!

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People who are using a microwave oven somehow made their lives easier when it comes to cooking and re-heating foods. It is one of the useful inventions ever made of earth. Also, it has somehow changed the way of the people in preparing food.

However, there are studies showed that using a microwave oven frequently may affect the person's body as time goes by. There had discoveries that the heat of the microwave is not so healthy as all of us are expected. Using it dissolves the food nutrients compared to a usual way of cooking food. But then, these issues are still intriguing and yet it has no absolute proofs yet. Below are the five issues that commonly occur when microwave ovens are used:

1. Antioxidants are lost
Loss of antioxidants increases the chance of having a heart attack.

2. Nutrient Loss
The flavor may take away when put inside the oven which may lead to loss of nutrients.

3. Insomnia
Electromagnetic fields inside the microwave when used may cause damage to the brain that leads to sleeplessness.

4. Fatigue
It may also cause fatigue and eventually obesity.

5. Cancer
Radiation may go to the food and then absorb it due to organism build up turning into cancer.

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