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Charice Pempengco AKA JAKE ZYRUS, "WALA NG PERA YAN" Says Grandmom

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It seemed that Charice Pempengco is now facing another struggle in her personal life which involves her grandmother, Teresita Relucio, who came out to media to reveal that the singer is now experiencing financial difficulties.

In the following video posted by YouTube channel, Mr. Tsismoso, the grandmother of the “Pyramid” singer disclosed to the public that her granddaughter is now on the verge of bankruptcy due to the wrong people surrounding her.

“Wala ng pera ‘yan, inubos ng mga umabuso sa kanya,” Relucio announced.
According to Relucio, the people who allegedly abused Charice’s generosity are not in good terms with her because she protested her granddaughter’s case to DOLE. In 2010, the bank account deposits of Charice started to deplete. However, it was not clear or rather directly pointing out the people to be blamed. Relucio just dropped the names of Charice’s former manager, Courtney, her longtime partner, Alyssa Quijano and two more people, namely, Shy Aquino and Carl Cabral.

When asked about Charice’s career, Relucio believes that her granddaughter will no longer reclaim her popularity way back when she’s a very known worldwide and active internationally.

Watch the video below.

“Hindi na sisikat pang muli si Charice dahil walang utang na loob na tao na ‘yan. Pumapayag sa mga sulsol ng mga hinayupak na mga gahaman na ‘yan,” Charice’s grandmother angrily told the media.

For her, If Charice wants to redeem herself, the star should look back where she came from and be grateful with her roots not to those people who ruined her.

Relucio also gave her opinion about Charice’s new identity, Jake Zyrus. She said that she’s not in favor with Charice’s new identity and claimed that her granddaughter was killed by the people surrounding her. She also added that she would file a case to the NBI for killing her granddaughter, Charice Pempengco.

Watch the video below.

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