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ATTENTION WOMEN: 7 Usual but Risky Symptoms of Cervical Cancer!

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Cervical cancer has been one of the most common causes of death among women, aside from breast and ovarian cancer. It is commonly caused by human papilomavirus or HPV. The virus is a sexually transmitted disease that can also be transferred from a carrier to another person. However, just like other forms, cervical cancer starts with several symptoms that women think are minor.

We are about to give you a quick run through on frequent and most threatening signs of cervical cancer that women ignore most of the time. Take a look at the bullets below:

1. Abnormal discharge
-During the early stages of cervical cancer, the cells in the walls of the uterus untangle, as a result, it emits a watery discharge.

2. Genital warts
-You need to really be alarmed because you either have an STD or bound to have cervical cancer if suddenly notice some warts on your intimate area.

3. Paleness or anemia
-If you feel irregularities in your heartbeat or abnormal fatigue, this can be a sign of cervical cancer. 4. Intolerable pain or bleeding
-When cancer cells develop, cervix walls deteriorate, which causes sudden bleeding and severe pain.

5. Irregularity in urinating
-When you suddenly noticed an abnormality in your urine, it might be a sign of cervical cancer. This is because the urinary walls are squeezed when there is swelling in the cervix.

6. Pain in the legs, upper and lower back
-This is due to lack of oxygen caused by internal organs being compressed and irregular blood circulation.

7. Sudden weight loss
-If the symptoms above go with loss of appetite, it can be a sign. When a woman doesn't have the urge to eat, sudden decrease in weight is expected.

The common causes of cervical cancer are:
-Weak immune system
-Being engaged in unprotected intercourse
-Having more than one s*x partner
-Cigarette smoking

If you feel these signs or at least a few of them, best to seek immediate medical attention. :)

Source: TNP


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