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Alex Gonzaga's Boyfriend Is Having An Affair According to Luis Manzano? Read The Whole Story Here!

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Cathy Gonzaga, or Alex Gonzaga on screen, is a Filipino singer, actress, author, television host, and comedienne. Like her sister, Toni, Alex also made her way to show business through acting and singing, but she established herself in hosting. She is also a well-known comedienne because of her funny aura. Currently, she is in a relationship with Mikee Yambao, a physical fitness enthusiast.

However, just recently, Alex Gonzaga received news from her close friend Luis Manzano. According to Luis, he saw Mikee with another girl. He also mentioned that Mikee looked at him with a huge smile on the face. Luis said his loyalty is with Alex which is why he was telling her what he saw. He posted their conversation on Instagram.

At the latter part of the conversation, Luis sent a photo of Mikee with another girl in a print ad for a physical fitness event. Alex just laughed at the photo that Luis sent and told him, “Bwisit ka talaga!!!!!!!!!”

Alex and Mikee met because of Piolo Pascual. They first opened up about their relationship in public on the January 13 episode of Magandang Buhay. According to the host, Piolo told her that someone is having a crush on her. When Alex saw the picture, she immediately told Piolo, “Cutie. O go!’

Meanwhile, Mikee said he was looking at Alex’s photos in Instagram. When he already had the chance to talk to Alex through Piolo’s phone, Alex told him to make a way if he wants to talk with her further. So Mikee took the courage to get Alex’s number from Piolo and the rest is history.

Alex mentioned that Mikee is not her dream guy and he doesn’t even possess any characteristics of her ideal man, but for her, he is perfect

If you were on Alex’s side, how would you first react with Luis Manzano’s message about your boyfriend? Share it with us in the comment section below!

Sources: LF / PEP

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