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A Married Man And Newly Engaged Woman Caught Doing This In Their Office!

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Why do married people cheat? Is it because they’re unhappy with their spouse, do they do it out of boredom or just because they want to? It’s quite alarming that nowadays people accept that cheating is normal, that all relationships must go through this complicated phase. Marriage doesn’t seem to guarantee fidelity anymore.  It is best to formally end the current relationship first before starting a new one.

Recently, two workers were caught on camera enjoying a steamy romp in their office.

The pair, who work at an insurance firm in Christchurch, New Zealand didn't show up for work after they realized their x-rated antics had made them internet celebrities.

Drinkers at a nearby bar couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the couple enjoying some one-on-one time, enjoying it so much that they had forgotten to switch off the lights. Stunned onlookers then started to film the couple who were completely oblivious.

Watch the video below.

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