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A Man Outrageously Swallowed by a Giant Snake! Unbelievable!

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We encounter unbelievable photos showing unusual animal behaviors online, like this photo of a giant snake who allegedly swallowed a live human being that has been shared in various social media sites now. The said image makes most of the viewers think if it is true or not.

A group made a study with regards to the capability of the giant snake and had a research on the photo if it is real or not. According to Hoax Factor in their video featured on YouTube, they concluded that there may be a possibility of giant snakes to kill and swallow a whole human being. However, there were no documentations yet to prove that it already happened.

In addition, Discovery Channel demonstrated the truth on the ability of a specific giant snake called Anaconda to swallow a man after looping itself around him.

But then, no proof was found out as to the said image is real or not. Thus, people assumed that it was just edited.

Watch the video below.

Source: YouTube / TNP


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