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WEIRD: A Story Of An Old Woman Who Conceive A Baby With The Age Of 90!

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Every parents' dream is to have grandchildren. Once their children were grown up, they already have their own focus and get busy with their lives that sometimes they haven't got time to spend with their parents. 

That is also a dream for a 90 year old woman, with fourteen children from Boone County, West Virginia. She never got a chance to have grandchildren. Margaret Allen told the that God has always answered her prayers. So she is praying hard for God will let her conceive a baby that she will treat like her grandchild. Despite the fact that the doctors said that it is impossible because of her age.

Margaret has a ritual, getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning and praying to God for fourteen hours a day for her wish. After these fourteen hours of prayer the 90 year old will have her dinner and goes to bed to "mate with" this 22 year old man whom she chose to be the father of her baby.

Angie Dickson, friend of Margaret and a fellow congregation member at Bible Baptist Church says that Margaret is very dedicated on what she wanted to do. Angie remembered, how Margaret prayed for two weeks for the treatment of her IBS. She also stopped a terrorist attack on their town, and succeeded in making some homosexual men get out of their place by means of prayer. It was like Margaret can do miracles. So Angie is confident that she will have a baby.

Margaret Allen's children remained silent about the issue. Her eldest son said that he also believes that people can achieve their goal if they put their mind into it. He stated an example of his personal life:

"I believe anybody can accomplish anything they put their mind to. I used to suck at bowling, now I'm good at bowling. I believe mother will get pregnant."

After how many years of praying, Margaret is five months pregnant today. She will name her child as Miracle because she really is. Remember that Sarah was 90 and her husband Abraham was 100 years old when they had their baby, according to the Bible.


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