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WATCH THIS: A Teacher Was Caught 'Making Love' with His Female Student in a Classroom!

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It sounds unethical and awkward when you hear stories about student-teacher relationship as partners. You may even become shocked when you hear that not more than just a relationship, but a more intimate connection between the two, like this one that will surely catch your attention.

A news happened in a school in China was really distressing. There was a video of a girl who was accused of making love with a male teacher in a classroom that is now widespreading online. The story made even worse when the video was uploaded on the Chinese social media platform called Weibo. It seemed that the girl was forced by his teacher to do it. The said activity was happening with the Changzhou University in China, which was caught by an unknown person through the classroom's window.

According to LiveLeak, the said professor is now under investigation as he clearly violates the code of conduct if proven true. Moreover, there were no statements heard from the school, the professor and even the student.

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