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WATCH THIS: How Come That This Woman Walked Along the Street with No Pants? Amazing!

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How would you react if you see someone walking along the street wearing no pants at all? There was an artist named Sarah Bakker who created this crazy idea. She challenged herself walking in the streets of Hongkong with no real pants, however, there has been a trick on it.

She had her lower body to be painted like she was wearing pants and they would check if someone would notice that it was not the real one. In the video, it really looked like a real one. However, if you're gonna look on that closer and see how it came up that it was just a painting, you would surely bother and you night has doubts on it.

Painting her lower body was very amazing that at first glance, you are tricked that it is real. The time that you were going to see it for the second time, you would realize that it was not. Stunning, wasn't it?

Watch this video for you to find out!


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