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WATCH: They Performed Very Well, but Suddenly a Terrible Thing Happened at the End!

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Filipinos are very prominent when it comes to showcasing talents not only to entertain, but also to amaze the audience as well. Consuming time and exerting effort are needed in order to create a 'perfect piece' that is good looking to the spectators. However, there are performances that are so extreme that may result to an unexpected happening and may take the performer's life at risk.

A video was taken and uploaded by Trisha Lee, one of the audience in a dance competition, which is now having thousands of shares in the internet. At first, their performance seemed well-polished and almost perfect, but when they reach the last part of the show, a guy did a back flip and fell in a very wrong position resulted to a very serious injury in his head.

The guy's status of his condition has no update yet, but Lee, as well as most of the Netizens who viewed the said video, is hoping for his fast recovery and praying for him to get well soon.

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