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WATCH: Possibility of 2 Suns and Massive Earth Destruction Soon As Per Russian News?

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Scientists are closely monitoring a believed to be such a gigantic planetary body called Planet X Niburi. Many articles have been published since the news was exploded. One of the hottest news is the report of Washington Post last 30 December 1983.

According to the report, the planet might be as large as Jupiter and was detected to be in the northern sky by the infrared satellite. Later, after 6 months, the planetary body was seen close to the western side of  constellation Orion. Some experts say that this could be a second sun.

"The best time to catch a glimpse of a second sun is at sunrise or sunset, but have you noticed how heavy “Chemtrails” are at sunrise and sunset? More and more people worldwide are becoming aware of a second sun in the sky, regardless of how thick and heavy Chemtrails are sprayed to keep the public from seeing it, they added."

A video elaborating this possibility has also been released. You may watch it here:

Aside from the theory that the mysterious body might be a second sun, some researchers believe that it can collide with the Earth and can make all living things extinct. They say that worse weather systems and phenomenon are the sign that it will happen soon. Should we really be afraid?

You may watch this video below:

Sources: YouTube / TheControversialFiles


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