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WATCH: An Old Man Almost Broke His Leg After The Driver Dropped Him!

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People who are considered in their later years should always be treated with high regard and importance. They can avail special treats and discounts provided by the government and some private institutions. Even in public transportation, everyone is encouraged to give way and provide the most convenient seats to what we call senior citizens. They are not just "senior" in being a "citizen," but in lessons of life and in society.

However, on a video posted by a YouScooper, a man who is believed to be of old age, nearly broke his leg as he got off the jeepney. The situation was seemed to be ignored by the driver because the vehicle didn't stop. When the old passenger stepped on the ground, his knees were too weak to handle his weight, that's why he fell on the ground.

Watch the video here:

The video also shows that the traffic light is still green. That might be the reason why the driver did not stop his jeepney. The real situation inside the vehicle is not clearly shown, so who's to blame is still vague. Is it the driver's fault or the poor passenger? Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

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