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WATCH: Mayor Duterte Being Mocked and Ridiculed By an English Comedian!

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Amidst the controversies, Mayor Duterte continues to lead the Presidential race with over 6 million votes compared to Mar Roxas who has placed second. It was really a hard-earned success because the Mayor didn't have enough funds and was harshly bashed for his comments, jokes and allegedly hidden wealth. Social media is flooded with statements of admiration for Duterte for his pure intentions in serving and transforming the country.

In spite of all the praises, John Oliver, an Emmy-winning writer and famous English comedian, has his own satire pertaining to the soon-to-be Philippine president.

Oliver is hosting a show, Last Week Tonight, that reviews what happened in the past seven days about politics, news, current events and a lot more. During the discussion, he gives out his own opinion on the issues and mocks every person involved.

In one the episodes, John Oliver described the Philippines as World's War Shock Test. He continued by mocking Duterte with his mass wedding speech, assassination of criminals, bad 'rape joke,' and even emphasized the next Philippine President as the "Trump of the East." Worse, he said that in considering a politician, we should make sure that he is not a 'total f*cking monster.'

You may watch the video here:

We all respect the views of the foreign media and personalities towards the Philippines, but there must be a limitation. The only person who has the right to persecute the Philippine government is the one who has experienced living in the country and endured the struggles along with it. It is decent to just shut your mouth if you base your satire on edited video clips and biased opinions. You are stepping on the dignity, not just of Duterte, but the majority of the Filipino who elected him as president.

Anything in mind? Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

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  1. You have no idea what you are talking about and dont ever say such mockery to our president Duterte because unlike you Im sure you never did or cannot do such awesome accomplishment in your life!You are nothing compare to him!!!John Oliver mind you own business!If you want to make people laugh make sure you are giving them facts you are telling them story that was made in your imagination.Know the person first and look deeper and dig deeper!Thank you.

  2. The guy is just working his ass as a comedian just like duterte. He did not mean a word he says. However, most of it were true because it was based on what duterte had said in public and in front of camera. Blame it on ourselves if what he said will be proven true in the days to come.

  3. go suck some dick

  4. it's true, our Duterte has a rude mouth, but he has a strong personality and wholeheartedly offering himself for a decade protecting Davao from criminals, we the people of the Philippines can see our future in the hands of a Duterte than the hands of an Aquino-Cojuanco administration. We want change, now i dont think either it is good or bad to mock other people and make fun of him in media. Hope you stay really long in your career.

    I accept the fact that you're a comedian, but you must MUST! set your limitations with mocking your subjects.

  5. Yes , he has a bad mouth but all of that turned a cith well and is one of worlds safest. You dont know much about our country so why give comments based on what you saw heard or read in an article? We didnt say a word about trump .. zzzz xoxo

  6. Lahat naman ng sinabi nya totoo. at yung way ng pananalita nya ganun talaga. may mga fucking. talagang monter naman eh. ikaw ba makakapatay kaba tao? ng parang baliwala sayo criminal? kaya mo? diba hindi so halimaw talaga si Mayor duterte kaya nga sya nagustuhan ng taong bayan dahil bakal na kamay sa pag babago




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