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WATCH: Coleen Garcia's Shocking Revelation About Billy Crawford and Her Love Life!

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Aside from being one of the hottest stars of her generation, Coleen Garcia has continuously made several news in the industry. The most controversial is her relationship with Billy Crawford. It earned a lot of negative comments from certain people, since Billy was also on the hot seat, after his breakup with Nikki Gil.

Garcia and Crawford are getting stronger in their relationship now. It can clearly be seen in their actions on cam and their social media posts. Their fans have firmly supported their love story ever since. Coleen was recently interviewed by the King of Talk, Boy Abunda, and she revealed a very heart-melting truth. You may watch the video here:

Not everything that makes you happy is worth fighting for. There are things that need to be let go, simply because, they're not meant to be. The happiness that you can get in holding on is just a portion of what you can get if you let go. However, if you can see that "holding on" will make you a better person, will enrich your soul and will bring you to lifetime contentment, then do not let go. :)

Sources: Facebook / ChosenTrends


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