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WATCH: Coalition Of Duterte And The Communist Party Founder Revealed!

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Imagine a country in which the government owns and controls all its resources which is ideally shared to all of its citizens? This concept is called common ownership and this is what Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wants.

Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte and Communist Party of the Philipines and New People's Army founder Jose Mari Sison seemed that their ideologies are well matched, as they are planning to make an alliance just in case the aspirant candidate wins the 2016 Philippine Election on May 9.
According to the video taken during the conversation of the two, Sison said that it was Duterte Team's initiative and he added that various progressive forces will halt those who will cheat in the election. Duterte said that he will follow the idea of Socialism and he claimed that he belong to the left and there was nothing wrong with it.

This idea of being a socialist country tolerates other people to be very rich because the government aims to have, as much as possible, fair distribution of wealth among individuals. On the other hand, it seems that other people who made themselves wealthy will be worthless and unfair on their part because they exert so much effort just to uplift and make their lives at ease.

You may share your thoughts on my insights as I am open for clarifications with regards to this article.

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  2. It is clearly a peace talk meeting hindi ang makipag-alyansa... Hindi mo ba naiintindihan Mr. Trillanes? ang hangad ni Mr. Duterte ay peace nd unity, hindi katulad mo puro pag-aaklas lang ang nalalaman mo... Ipokrito isa ka sa nagkanulo sa bansang Pilipinas na ibeneta ang Spartly island at Panatag Shoal sa china. Asan ang pagiging Filipino mo? Dapat iexile ka na lang!!!!




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