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WATCH: Brains Versus Bikinis? Shocking Results!

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"The youth is the hope of the nation," as what the famous hero said. But the question remains, is this still evident nowadays? With the rising percentage of teenage pregnancy and juvenile delinquency, does the nation still have hope?

A reporter tried to ask random girls and boys on a beach about history. There were times that the questions were answered brilliantly, but most of them seemed to forget a lot of basic lessons which are taught in school. The reporter didn't have a choice but to laugh and get disappointed as many couldn't handle elementary and high school type of questions.

You may watch the video here:

At the end of the video, the reporter named a school in which one of the respondents studied in, but this is actually not the issue. It's a question of 'what have you learned?' Not a question of 'who taught you?'

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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