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WATCH: Angeline Quinto Left In Shock After Rayver Cruz Hit Her With His Private Part!

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Artists and performers usually make sure that nothing can go wrong while doing their live performances or concerts. These people always do preliminary checking on the stunt choreography, equipment, and machinery in order to ensure a smooth flow for the performance. However, there are times when unexpected circumstances occur while the show is running live.

Wardrobe malfunctions are a common problem during live shows. There are several famous wardrobe malfunction scenes that have gone viral on social media. Aside from this type of human error during live concerts, another scenario that one might not be able to avoid is when the unexpected physical contact happens between artists.

There are situations when the artists are in the full momentum of their performance and they fail to be careful while moving on stage. They carelessly do not pay attention to what is happening on stage as they focus on their own movement. Consequently, this may result in accidents that may be awkward for their co-artists.

This is what happened to Kapamilya stars Angeline Quinto and Rayver Cruz while in the middle of their performance.

The video below was recorded while the Birit Queen was performing live in one of her concerts with co-singers Morissette Amon, Klarisse de Guzman and Jona. While singing Beyonce’s hit song “Only Girl” with Rayver Cruz, this unfortunate accident suddenly happened. It can be seen that Angeline was left in shock that she failed to keep herself from looking with her co-artist for the second time. It was evident that she felt a sudden awkward, but she remained completely professional as a performer as if nothing had happened.

Watch the video below:

Performers like Angeline Quinto are commendable, she just kept going with her performance. She did not show the audience that something happened. Angeline’s performance and attitude on stage is really amazing. As they say in showbiz “the show must go on”.

If you were Angeline, how would you manage situations like this? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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