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WARNING: Antibacterial Soaps Might Put Your Life At Risk!

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One key to a healthy body is your personal hygiene. It is one effective way to protect yourself and others from any diseases. By washing your hands and especially your body can protect you from illnesses brought by harmful bacteria.

A lot of antibacterial soaps are commercially introduced to the market. It is shown that these products helps us to fight different kinds of germs and bacteria. But how safe it is to use these antibacterial soaps? How true that these products may put your life at risk of having tumor growth.

A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that antibacterial soaps was linked to some growing tumors in mice samples.

According to the research, the antibacterial soap has a chemical called triclosan. The  mice that were exposed to the this chemical have bigger liver tumors. Triclosan also shown to disrupt the testosterone hormone by acting like feminizing estrogen hormones that boost cancer cell growth. The study shows that triclosan was not a direct carcinogen, they called it "tumor promoter" that cause tumors to form once a mutation occurred.
Watch the video below for your reference.

Always be observant. Read, Ask and Think before buying those products that are being introduced in the market. Prevention is Better Than Cure!


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