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VIRAL: Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo Committed an Election Offense?

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After a very stressful and controversial campaign period, the moment of truth has come. The social media are now being bombarded by several updates about the election. One of the most viral is the issue of committing election offense of love team KathNiel. There are a lot of pictures and posts showing Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo takes photos inside their voting precincts and showing their ballots. There is even one picture showing Bernardo, while she is shading her ballot.

A lot of netizens reacted negatively towards these photos saying that this is a form of special treatment and a clear election offense, which should be actioned immediately by the COMELEC.

As COMELEC Resolution No. 10047 No 10088 Section 20 lays out the prohibited acts inside the voting precinct:
-Bring the ballot, ballot secrecy folder, marking pen or voter’s receipt outside of the polling place

-Speak with anyone other than persons authorized to be inside the polling place
-Prepare his or her ballot by using the ballot secrecy folder or to exhibit its contents

-Fill out his or her ballot is accompanied by another, except in the case of an illiterate or a person with disability

-Erase any printing from the ballot or put any distinguishing mark on the ballot

-Use capturing devices, including, but not limited to, digital cameras, or cellular phones for whatever purpose while inside the polling place

-Intentionally tear or deface the ballot

-Disrupt or attempt to disrupt the VCM’s normal operations

On his Twitter account, COMELEC spokesperson, James Jimenez posted a response with regard to the issue:

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. If a citizen commits an offense, he/she should face the consequences, whether or not he/she is a celebrity. :)

Sources: PinoyTrending / GetRealPhilippines / Inquirer 


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  1. okay so the sources are kinda wrong, but the content is similar. so here ya go. :)

    Resolution No. 10057


    SEC. 18. Persons allowed inside the polling place. - Only the following persons shall be allowed inside the polling place:

    Members of the BEI and support staff, if any;
    a. Watchers who shall stay only in the space reserved for them;
    b. Representatives of the COMELEC;
    c. Technical support personnel assigned in the voting center;
    d. Voters casting their votes;
    e. Voters waiting for their turn to cast their vote;
    f. Jail/Prison Escorts escorting detainee voters;
    g. Other persons who may be specifically authorized by the COMELEC.

    SEC. 20. Prohibitions on voting. - It shall be unlawful for a voter to:

    a. Bring the ballot, ballot secrecy folder or marking pen outside of the polling place;
    b. Speak with anyone other than persons provided in this Resolution while inside the polling place;
    c. Prepare his or her ballot without using the ballot secrecy folder, or to exhibit its contents;
    d. Fill out his or her ballot accompanied by another, except in the case of an illiterate or person with disability;
    e. Erase any printing from the ballot, or put any distinguishing mark on the ballot;
    f. Use of communication devices while voting such as digital cameras, cellular phones with camera, or other means to copy the contents of the ballot, or otherwise make use of any other scheme to identify his vote;
    g. Intentionally tear or deface the ballot; or
    h. Disrupt or attempt to disrupt the normal operations of the VCM.




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