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VIRAL: 20 Million Worth of Anti-Duterte Ads Allegedly Being Aired By ABS-CBN?

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Four days before the election and it's getting crucial as May 9 approaches. All of the candidates are busy mudslinging and will definitely do everything to bring down their opponents. Of course, the candidate's name who's resounding is the one who will receive the worst controversies.

A post from a Facebook page (Inday Sara Duterte) has been viral now, saying that ABS-CBN will allegedly air 20 million worth of Anti-Duterte ads on Friday. According to the post, a columnist and blogger tweeted the said information.

Here is the screenshot of the post:

On a post shared by "Senyora Santibanez," it is mentioned that a certain station has started airing Anti-Duterte commercial now. It is now earning a lot of shares and reactions, more on negative, from the Pro-Duterte.

Here is a screen grab of Senyora Santibanez' post:

In what ever aspect, mudslinging is expected in politics. However, if you have a company that pushes fairness and credibility, it is expected for you to be non-partisan. People, particularly voters, are not dumb. Their eyes and ears are open to the truth because they everyone is thirsty for change. :)

Sources: Facebook / Senyora SantibaƱez


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