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VIDEO: Senator Alan Peter Cayetano Revealed About a Known Alliance to Destroy Mayor Duterte!

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A shocking 17-minute interview of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano revealed a known plot to destroy Mayor Duterte. In Cayetano's recorded conversation with Mocha Uson, he exposed that Malacanang, President Aquino, Mar Roxas and Grace Poe created the plot only to criticize Duterte, but since he is ranked first in the recent surveys, they eventually wanted to destroy the credibility of the Mayor. Cayetano also said that Senator Trillanes was just used by the alliance to create a fire of controversies against Duterte.

Aside from the said plot, Cayetano also emphasized the role of ABS-CBN and other business tycoon in the Anti-Duterte campaign. More of the shocking revelation was stated in the interview. You may watch it below:

The advertisement that was allegedly rejected by ABS-CBN is posted on the Facebook page of Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. But, you may watch it below:

We still have a few days before the real deal. Everyone is keen in every action of the candidates. This saga will continue until the next president of the country has been declared. :)

Sources: Facebook / Alan Peter Cayetano


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