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VIDEO: Military Men were Allegedly Paid to Manipulate the Election!

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Aside from the mudslinging, one of the most rampant and becoming more usual is election related killings. Since the campaign period started, a lot of candidates were assassinated and believed to be election related. It is one way of manipulating the elections. Moreover, many candidates are frightened about the possibility of system and machine hacking. Some technology geeks are saying that the system is lousy and it can easily be penetrated.

A video is being viral on Facebook now. A netizen named Brix Lourd posted a minute and 21-second video recording, showing a commotion between uniformed military men and a number of women. In the caption it says that the soldiers were paid by Aquino administration. They also wanted to transfer the vote counting machines in the house of a mayoralty candidate.

You may watch the video here:

So far, this is the most stressful election period. It might have been a sign that people want real change. However, the change should start with ourselves first.

The voting public is not stupid nor blind. With the kind of mindset they have, it is impossible for them just to merely believe what others would like them to believe. The Philippines is on its way to success, and it will only happen if you elect leaders who are willing to bring the country to the peak. :)

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