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UNBELIEVABLE: Mayor Duterte was Supported with a Monumental Philippine Flag!

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has ranked number one in the most recent surveys for the presidential bid. Online supporters have been overwhelming since Duterte conveyed his platform. His campaign rallies gather thousands of pro-Duterte's in spite of the controversies the Mayor is facing.

Digong's supporters have their own ways of showing support. Some spend their own money for campaign materials and others for shirts, arm bands and many more. Celebrities publish advertisements even without talent fee. But, one supporter named Darryl Yap has his own way of supporting Mayor Duterte. In one campaign rally held in Olongapo City, Zambales, a very huge flag was exhibited. This surprised many attendees and it fired up there blazing eagerness to support Duterte.

The video was shot by another supporter Gershom Pertacorta and this flag was named "Watawat ng Bawat Pilipino."

The initiator even posted a status on Facebook to affirm his support for the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Source: FacebookTNP


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