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UNBELIEVABLE: A Half-Human, Half-Goat was Born in Southern Malaysia?

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Genetic disorder is still the most mysterious issue in science. The reason and the cure are yet to be unfolded. One of the most controversial results of genetic disorder is a goat who was just delivered in the village of Felda in Southern Malaysia. It is because the animal has a very noticeable face feature that can be linked to a newborn baby.

One of the villagers named Ibrahim Basir disclosed images of the creature that they thought was a your deer. Aside from that, a 50-year old farm worker named Jamaludin Abdul Samad really believes that the goat's face is like a human being. He said that it didn't have an umbilical cord when it was born. "When I went to check, I was quite shocked, but fascinated too, as its face, nose, short legs and even the condition of its soft body seemed like that of a human baby, whereas the light brown fur covering its whole body resembles that of a goat," he added.

Unfortunately, the goat was not able to survive after he was released. His remains were forwarded to the Veterinary Services Department for further research.

Whether this is a coincidence, a myth of supernatural work or really a genetic disorder, we are not to judge. We need to accept that there are certain situations that we cannot grasp the reason as of this time. :)

Source: TheControversialFiles


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