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WATCH THIS: A Woman Got Surprised after She Touched the Guy's 'down there'!

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A funny video is now trending online which seems like an American version of the famous British show 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush'. This was called "What's under My Kilt?'. The said British show was flourishing during mid-90s, in which several countries have adapted the including Australia and the United States.

This video that is going viral right now was like the concept of the said show. The setup was there was a volunteer, a woman, who was blindfolded and there were four guys standing in front wearing kilts, a traditional skirt originated in Scotland. The women had to identify what was under on each guy's kilt. The women were quite nervous because she might touch the guy's private part, until she got surprised at what she touched on the last guy!

Watch the video below for you to find out.


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