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This Guy Want To Have A Massage But When A Sexy Lady Appears, You Will Not Believe What Happened Next!

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A lot of pranks are all over the social media today. Some people prank their friends, and their boyfriend/girlfriend. There are some good pranks that bring out the best in their victims, some are very serious prank that brings out the true personality of the person and some pranks are very funny that you cannot help to stop laughing.

This video below will show you how a friend prank his very own friend. The victim's hobby is going to massage parlor. It is how he spent his rest day, to relax. The set up was in a massage parlor. The massage attendant was a sexy, beautiful girl who was wearing on her top and bikini. 
Watch the video below to see what happened next.

Very funny right? Did your jaw ache from laughing so loud? Hope this funny video made your day.


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  1. Nonsense i cant laugh from the begining till the end. It waste my time. Very common things duh




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