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THIS GOES VIRAL: Photos of a Pretty Doctor Who Performs Circumcision!

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It is summer and it is a perfect season for young boys to be circumcised. This practice seems very common and popular in the Philippines as a sign that they have to face their manhood. This 'rite of passage' is done in an old-fashioned, say but nowadays, modern circumcision is more recommended as it is safer and it can apply to the patient without pain.

This woman caught much of the Netizen's attention not only for her beautiful, gorgeous looks, but also on her career as well. She is a professional urological surgeon who performs circumcisions.

Below was a photo of her while doing the operation is now going viral.
Because of the photo which is circulating online, many men are enthralled and are asking when will be the next operation so that they could line up. Kidding aside, many adults wanted to be circumcised again just to see this charming doctor.

Source: TNP


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  1. mga uhaw naman kau sa kagandahan .. di na makatao yan .

  2. isang tingin lang duon sa magandang dilag ,tanggal na ang sakit na dulot ng gunting ..

    1. May anesthesia namang itinuturok bilang pampamanhid, kaibigan bago lubusang isagawa ang pagtutuli. 'Yun nga lang, hindi talaga maiwasang utugan ang sinumang barakong makakasilay sa kakalibog na kagandahan. Baka nga in the middle of the operation, labasan na lang at sukat ang nagpapatuli, hahahaha!!!




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