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This Girl Wowed Many Netizens With Her Long Legs and Hair But When She Turned Around, Her Face Stunned Everyone!

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Many people are attracted to the physical appearance of a person. Many boys like a girl who have almost perfect physiques: sexy body, perfect curves, large breasts, flawless skin, long hair, tantalizing eyes, etc. On the other hand, girls as well like boys who are very masculine: obvious muscles, especially triceps, men with abs, masculine voice, captivating smile, etc. These physical attributes are plus factor for many. Along with it is attitude, of course.

One photo shoot featuring a mysterious girl went viral just recently. Why not? Looking at the photos, the girl in the captured shots was very sexy and flawless. Her long hair was like calling all men, as to say “look at me.” Her legs were scar-free. Her curves are something that other girls will envy. However, when the girl’s face was seen on the camera, netizens were shocked with what they saw!

The model was actually a boy with mustache and beard!

Many netizens were fooled by the initial photos when the face was still not being shown in the camera. Some even tagged their friends to spread the post and share their laughter.

“kahit nmn sa hrap wlang boobs..flat n flat hehehe…pro infairnes ung una kala q girl tga.” – Vanessa Kristina Joseph Simbajon-Grana

” Key Yer Keyyer Lopez mapapamura ka sa sobrang ganda.” – John Manuel Raymundo

“Claude Alfaro wag mo ko pagpapalit dito. Baka maakit ka.” – Ma Kristina Lazaro Navarro

There was no doubt the photo shoot had victimized lots of netizens who thought the model was a girl!

After looking at the photos, did you also think the model was a girl at first? Tell us in the comment section what appearance of other people attracts you!

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