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This Girl Sacrificed Buying a Ticket for Ariana Grande’s Concert To Go Out With Her Boyfriend Who Was Cheating on Her!

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Cheating is one of the most common reasons why couples break up. Cheating occurs when a person in a supposedly monogamous relationship starts seeing someone else. Cheating is typically considered a painfully deep betrayal of trust. It usually leaves the person who was cheated on emotionally scarred and vulnerable. The person who cheats is, more often than not, less affected.

Facebook user Marian Carmelo just narrated that her boyfriend (note: he’s already her ex-boyfriend, but for the sake of clarity, he shall be referred to as the “boyfriend” for the remainder of this story) has been cheating on her with another girl.

Carmelo said that she even sacrificed the money that she was supposed to use to buy herself tickets for an Ariana Grande concert! Carmelo began her story with:

“Where do broken hearts go? Into the Social Media of course, since this is the millennials’*new* escape. It’s like an advanced diary.”

The picture above is from the Instagram feed of a certain “jaydeetungcab07.” Apparently, he’s the cheating boyfriend Carmelo referred to. Carmelo said that his real name is Jaydee Casaway Tungcab.

According to her, she went to Manila on May 24 to buy a ticket for an Ariana Grande’s upcoming concert. However, she chose to go out with her boyfriend instead and spent the money she would’ve used for the tickets on him.

She even stated that she gave him an allowance. Carmelo narrated that her boyfriend was “financially challenged” since his family does not have enough money. Carmelo said that she didn’t have a choice since the boyfriend was her “boss.” 

We’re not sure if she was serious or merely kidding. It could just be a term of endearment. Either way, she continued her story by saying that she found 3 blocked numbers in his contacts list.

She immediately thought that something was off. She did a little digging on Facebook and discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

Here is the evidence that she found in his Instagram account:

BUSTED! What happened next? Well, as we mentioned earlier, her boyfriend is now her ex-boyfriend. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson for him in the future – don’t cheat!

What do you think about Carmelo’s story? Have you ever been cheated on as well? Share your stories and thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story on Facebook!

Source: LF / Facebook

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