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The 8 Types of Discharge 'Down There' That Might Reveal Something About Your Health!

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A woman’s body, sometimes experiences problems that are often left ignored. Women often think that what’s going on with their bodies, especially in their private parts, is just normal.

However, your body might be telling you that something is wrong. It is important for women to know the signs that it’s time to go to the doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Still, it seems as though most women are often embarrassed to tell another person about what’s happening to them down there that they often just leave it as it is.

No matter how uncomfortable it is to get an expert’s opinion though, ladies should still do so at least once a year.

But before going to your gynecologist, you must first know what to consult about.
Here are some signs of your body based on what kind of discharge you have in your nether region:

1. Slippery and clear

-  A Major sign of ovulation, which means your body is ready to get pregnant when fertilization occurs
- Natural lubricant especially when aroused
- Your body is telling you that you should probably use protection during intercourse

2. Thick and foamy

- Possible sign of yeast infection, especially when the discharge causes itchiness. Luckily, it’s easy to treat with over-the-counter creams as prescribed by your doctor.

3. Yellowish green

- Might be due to an infection. See your doctor immediately.
- Possible sign of STI’s, such as gonorrhea and trichomoniasis which are treatable when detected early.

4. Bloody or brown

- Often mistaken for something alarming, but is in fact just spotting most of the time
- Still consult with your doctor since this might be a sign of “implantation bleeding” (sperm might have successfully fertilized the egg)

5. Bad smell

- Might be caused by sweat getting trapped in the groin, thus causing the bad smell.
- If the discharge itself smells bad, then see your doctor for it might be a sign of yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

6. Cloudy white

- Normal vaginal discharge for some women
- If it is accompanied by itching or sores, it could mean that you have an infection.
- Possible early sign of pregnancy.

7. Gray-black

- Seek your doctor’s help for a foreign object might be stuck inside (ex. Tampon or tissue)

8. Pinkish discharge

- Indicates a small amount of fresh blood
- Might be due to friction from s*xual intercourse.
- Another sign of possible implantation bleeding

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, better go get checked.

Don’t forget to share this crucial information with other women you know.

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