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Story Behind the Unexplained Gold Wealth of the Marcos Family Revealed!

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Marcos' dictatorship is one of the highlights in the Philippine history as it becomes a stigma for all Filipinos especially those who experienced martial law. Not only on his way of governing the country, but they're also issues related to their so-called ill-gotten wealth. The Marcoses have been accused until now of stealing golds of the country and as of now, it is unclear where these golds are.

People are puzzled out of the reason why the Philippines is still a poor country and knowing that the gold reserves, which is truly owned by the Filipinos, are still in the hands of the Marcoses. Recently, the truth behind the reason of being a poor country is that the value of money worldwide is based on debt bonds, not on the gold that a country has. It means that every time that money is printed and used in different transactions elsewhere, there is a certain decrease in the gold value. If a gold-based currency will be used as basis and be brought back, probably the Philippines is considered one of the richest.

According to Atty. Karen Hudes who worked in the World Bank for twenty one years, she said that the only way for the accounts open that the Marcoses has been making gold, silver and precious gems as the base currency.

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