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SHOCKING: A Netizen Found a Nauseating Garnish in a Candy! DISGUSTING!!

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In food and beverage business, food safety, quality and cleanliness are the key factors. These can make or break the image of your business that serves as the pillar. If you are able to establish its image when it comes to sanitation, then consumers will surely patronize your product line. There are a lot of giant companies who lost a lot because of a simple negligence that led into a controversy about food cleanliness.

A netizen posted a photo of a famous candy that comes with a very stomach-churning garnish. Imagine, unsealing your simple gem to take away exhaustion and discovering that it has a strand of "curly hair." You will surely start to over-think about what kind of sanitation does the company have, right?

Check the screen shot of the post on a Facebook page below:

It actually earned a lot of negative and sarcastic comments from enraged online users (what do you expect?).

Samuel Caralos Brillo said: "Ang ganda naman ng "pagkakab*lb*l" ng candy na yan. Work of art yan dapat sinusurrender sa museum." (The pubic like strand in that candy is fascinating. It's a work of art and should be surrendered to a museum.)

Brandon Chavez mentioned: "Baka nag dadalaga o nagbibinata yung candy, Normal lang na tuboan ng b*lbol yan pag ganyan.." (Maybe the candy has reached the puberty stage. It's normal for it to have pubes.)

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