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SHOCKING: Mayor Duterte's Victory Predicted by Nostradamus?

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Michel De Nostredame or famous in the name, Nostradamus, is a French reputed seer who published his collections of prophecies, which have become renowned around the world. One of his most controversial predictions is about the World Trade Center 9/11 attack. The fact that he died 88 years before the terrorists bombed the twin towers with airplanes, his scripts are unbelievable because they really fit the scenario.

Another viral prediction of Nostradamus is about the 2016 Philippine Presidential election. According to scholars, the famous prophet was able to see and foretell Duterte's win. His scriptures are as follows:

"The Peace and Justice and the Blood of Love from the Blessed Land Of Promise of the South East"
-This passage pertains to the Philippine flag which is a resemblance of the blue (peace and justice) and red (blood of love); and the Philippines situated in the South Eastern portion of the world. "The SUN of divinity holding the 8th fire will burn all nations having the power of the 3 stars"
-This describes the type of leadership Mayor Duterte will use in leading the country.

"Blessed are you Land of Promise, the golden 8 sunbeams shine as noon day will shine from you"
-The Philippine flag is designed with a sun that is composed of 8 rays (the golden 8 sunbeams) and Duterte is believed to be the hope of the land (shine as noon day will shine from you).

"At the Southern area He will be born in the Year of the SERPENT"
-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte started to be the LGU chief of Davao in the year 1989 which is a year of the Serpent.

"And will start his work at the year of the TIGER"
-Digong earned respect and became renowned in politics in 2010 for his works in Davao. That year is a year of the Tiger.

"Land of Promise! The place where the Greatest Lover will arise. Glory to the Moon who became SUN!!!"
-Greatest lover is believed to be pertaining to Mayor Duterte and the Land of Promise is the Philippines.

This is the Glory of all Glory, the Hope of all Ages is born in the City of Eagleand will end his final mission at the Largest City"…
-Davao is being referred as the home of the Philippine eagle, hence, believed to be the City of Eagle and the Largest city is Metro Manila where the MalacaƱang Palace is located.

Do you believe these predictions? Share your thoughts. :)

Sources: DailyCosmicFeed / Wikipedia / LiveScience


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  1. Here I searched something about it. It came from a Book probably. But this is from the published online. Here are the specifications

    Library of Congress BF1815.N8 A264 1995
    The Physical Object
    Pagination 171 p. :
    Number of pages 171
    ID Numbers
    Open Library OL957869M
    ISBN 10 9714900158
    LC Control Number 95943898

  2. Davao is larger than metro manila. Its 4x larger :3

  3. Philippines is Pearl of the Orient not Land of Promise...

    1. Philippines is top Christian country in Asia 5th in the world. Which makes more sense? Pearl of the Orient or Land of Promise?

    2. Land of Promise is Mindanao.

    3. Jesus tells us in the Bible of the parable of a merchant looking for fine pearls, and how this is similar to finding the Kingdom of Heaven. When you find the Kingdom of Heaven, your salvation is like a precious pearl! The scripture also explains the kingdom of God is within us.. Meaning those who believe and followers in Jesus Christ come upon them.. PHILIPPINES HAVE VAST NUMBERS OF DEVOUT BELIEVERS..

  4. The prophecy said ''he will be born on the year of the serpent'' which to you is 1989...but Mr. Duterte started his political job during that year not born...and our political map says that Philippines is located in the Far East and not South East...

    1. r us erious? we are part of South east Asia..Does it make sense..?

    2. ASEAN countries: Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

  5. Lol Yes Philippines is located in Far east yet it is also located at South which means its still a South east Country

  6. land of promise - mindanao

  7. Eagle City and Land of Promise as all well-read people know is Davao City/ Mindanao because of it's abundance in agriculture as it was known as the "fruit basket"of the Philippines and Davao is one of the places that doesnt have any calamities that's why it is called Land of Promise.

    1. the prediction isnt pertaining only in of promise as what they Said is Philippines

  8. Tama nga Land of Promise ang Davao City, usually sila yung walang calamity at mostly may kaya ang mga taga Davao pero pa low profile lang. Kung sino pa yung mga may karapatang mag inarte sila pa yung mga disiplinado.

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  10. anung quartain yan para may backing evidence kayo na sinabi nga yan ni nostradamus, kung wala yan sa mga quartain ni nostradamus hoax lang yan.




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