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WATCH: A Lady Invited Her Friend and Got Horrified with the Ending!

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Reunions and get together after a long period of no communication is very special. It is the perfect time to look back the good old days and cherish every moment of friendship. There is a recent study that says, friendships that last for 7 years and up can last forever. Even when friends see each other seldom, it can fire up with reunions.

In a video that we saw online, it is a different story. A school girl named Waan, invited her friend, Luktan, in her house because they have the same birthday. They also share the same interests.

At first, Waan was so excited for Luktan to arrive. She even bought a cake to celebrate their birthday. Strange things happened next when Waan checked one of the social media accounts of Luktan. 

Watch the video below and prepare yourself for a very terrifying ending.

This is can be a metaphor that we need to be extra careful in creating our circle of friends. Moreover, we need to make sure that we are responsible in using the internet and the social media. :)

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  1. I don't get it!!!! was there a ghost? What>>??? Metaphor has no relevance.




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