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SHOCKING: Early Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Might be Ignoring?

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One of the most fatal disease among women is cervical cancer. It is actually known as the fourth among the list of killer illnesses. However, physicians strongly push for early detection and encourage women to undergo a pap smear once a year. This would give them as high as 100% survival rate.

This type of cancer is just for women. There are certain symptoms that ladies thought to be normal or just simple signs of dysmenorrhea. But, doctors said that girls should not ignore any irregularities because they might be early indications of cervical cancer.

If you feel any of these, consult your doctor immediately:

1. Feeling of discomfort while urinating and abnormal bladder control.
Certain abnormalities in urinating and control of the bladder are one of the symptoms of cancer.

2. Extended menstrual period and irregular flow.
If you have regular menstrual periods, but suddenly it changed to long and irregular amounts of blood, it could be a symptom of cervical cancer.

3. Distress in the pelvic area.
Women might have a confusion between this symptom and dysmenorrhea. If the extreme pain occurs several days after your period, it could be a sign that you need to seek medical attention immediately.

4. Abnormal pain during sexual intercourse
If you experience extreme pain during intimate moments, it is advised to visit your doctor.

5. Uncommon bleeding and discharge
If your pelvic area is inflamed, the tendency is blood discharge. Aside from that, a foul odor is the result of yeast infection. If you have any of these, you need to be attended by a doctor as soon as possible.

You may watch this video, for more information:

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Sources: Rachfeed / TNP


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