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ROAD TO FOREVER: Jovit Baldivino and Shara Chavez Fairy Tale Love Story!

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We have always been a fan of magical love stories which are comparable to Romeo and Juliet. Maybe it's because everyone is longing to find their lifetime partner ("lifetime," since there's really no forever 😁).

Just like a song lyric says, "Love moves in mysterious ways...," Shara Chavez, once an avid fan and now a non-showbiz girlfriend of Jovit Baldivino, shares how they found love and took one step at a time. No one ever imagined how a simple follower is destined to be a celebrity's partner. Chavez wrote an open letter to finally publicize their love story, which she describes as "MMK-like" tale.

She shared narrated their storyline using their pictures from her being a fan, up to the present time, which is by the way 8 months now and counting. Prepare yourself as these images and captions will surely give you shivers up and down your spine.

Their story really moved and made me realize how true love can conquer everything, even if you're "worlds apart." This goes to show that if you love someone, you must be prepared to do everything. Sacrifice is one main ingredient for a relationship to work, apart from patience and perseverance. Whatever happens, you will be together after all, if both of you are meant to be. :)

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