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READ: The Truth About Sen. Trillanes' Accusation of Duterte Property Revealed!

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For weeks now, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been in the hot seat. He is consistent in ranking first in the recent surveys that's why his critics are busy. His name is also resounding everywhere in the online world and by the looks of it, he has the biggest chance of getting the presidency.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is just one of the most vocal personalities who exposed an alleged concealed wealth of Duterte. One of those is a property in Cagayan De Oro. Unfortunately, the real owner issued an official statement with regard to this matter. It is truly embarrassing.

Amidst this mudslinging, the voice of the people will prevail on May 9 if no one will manipulate the results. It is advisable to do your homework and research before you decide who to elect. :)

Source: PHPPoliticsNews


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