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READ THIS! An Alleged Cheating of Liberal Party for VP Race inside a Hotel Exposed!

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Candidates, those who usually lead in the latest election results, are more likely to be entitled to be indicted for cheating. Nothing is new on this scenario. Accusations has been made based on their evidences, keen observations and suspected irregularities when it comes to the election process especially canvassing of votes.

But the question is, are these allegations really true or just a hoax? This is a challenge not only for the government sector who handles this kind of issue, but also to the ordinary people who keep on watching that their votes are properly and accurately counted. We can say that this is true because there are evidences shown. We can also say that this is a propaganda just to make noise against a rival candidate.

One of the hottest issues that is now trending is about an alleged manipulating tactics of the Liberal Party. Screenshots (as seen below) revealed a conversation of cheating acts where in Smartmatic people were checked in at Hotel owned by Mar Roxas. There is also a separate shot of the list of people with each room assigned.

In my opinion, being aware and alert on what is going on is very important for us not to be misled by others. Knowing more about these kind of issues should be based on reliable sources that will not affect the truthfulness of the information.

You may share your insights on this alleged cheating by posting your comments below.

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