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READ: A Sick Girl Died 2 Months After Her Prom and Her Classmates Did A Heart-Melting Act!

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Cancer is one of the killer diseases that the world population is facing. As the years go by, there have been certain forms of cancer that give scientists and medical practitioners a headache.

Unfortunately, a schoolgirl from Arlington, Massachusetts named Catherine Malatesta was diagnosed with a very uncommon type of cancer. It is called epitheloid sarcoma which has an occurrence statistics of 1 out of 10 million.

Malatesta continued living a normal life, though she needed to face the hardships given by her illness. In spite of the pain brought about her treatments, she managed to pursue her studies and was even elected as the president of their student council.

The brave girl didn't even miss any school program, especially the prom night, which is one of the most important events in high school.

Image caption: Catherine said it is one of the best moments of her life.

After the best, the worst situation happened. The young lady passed away after her, battling the fatal disease and 2 months following the memorable prom. Her family, friends and colleagues were so sad when she bids farewell.

Catherine's friends thought of a very special way in remembering their friend who remained positive in the midst of crisis. Four of her friends wore the gown that Catherine used during the prom. By this, they can inspire others to be brave and optimistic just like how their friend faced her fate.

This tribute was tagged by Catherine's mother as "The sister of the travelling prom dress." Share this post and inspire others. :)

Sources: Diply / CrackerDaily


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