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NOW TRENDING: Mariel Rodriguez Got Pregnant for the Third Time?

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Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla were not discouraged despite of two previous miscarriages happened to Mariel. Instead, the happy couple diverts their attention, still, to every blessing they get and are hoping to have a baby for the third time. God is so good as Ogie Diaz announced thru his post on Twitter that Robin's wife is pregnant again.

This is a great news came to them, as they always disclose their desire to the public and also about their attempts of having a child of their own. Most of us know what happened before that way back August 2015, Mariel had her first miscarriage and the second one was last March 2016.

Now, online users are surprised and get excited about seeing the Ogie's post on his Twitter account. However, there is no official announcement yet from the couple to confirm on what the comedian had posted.

Source: CrackerDaily


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