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MUST WATCH: This Girl Wanted to Prank Her Boyfriend But It Went The Other Way Around!

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It is usual for partners to trick each other. There is no certain reason why they do this kind of joke, but I think they just want so see his/her partner on how he/she will react on what happened. Just like this video uploaded in YouTube.

The girl used to prank her boyfriend that she is cheating. With the help of her friend, he pretended that he was the couple's third party. It began to a set up where the girl's boyfriend saw clothes that were not his, and eventually caught the guy hiding in the cabinet. However, the guy who was the girl's conspirator was then her boyfriend's conspirator, too!

The girl was surprised at what happened after. She saw the guy dead on the floor, but it was also a set up on the part of the girl. The concept of the video was so good and you might believe also that the guy was already dead, but when you look at the end part he was not. Amazing!

Sources: YouTube / ChosenTrends


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